More HIGHCARE papers published, new projects on the horizon

The huge amount of data collected during previous HIGHCARE expeditions allows us to maintain the flow of scientific production, as documented by publications in high impact journals. In particular, the data from HIGHCARE-ANDES on the performance in six minute walk test of hypertensive patients exposed to high altitude were published in the International Journal Of Cardiology, followed by a letter commenting on the interpretation and implications of these data. More recently a paper based on HIGHCARE-HIMALAYA data and dealing with the effects of high altitude exposure on arterial stiffness and the possible involvement of renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system was published in Hypertension.

Last but not least, we have breaking news regarding a new HIGHCARE project: HIGHCARE-LAPS (Latin America Population Study) is currently taking shape, aimed at describing blood pressure features and cardiovascular risk profile in the general populations of Peruvian highlanders and lowlanders . The framework of the project was presented during a scientific meeting in Lima which took place on 25th and 26th of May, 2017 with the unconditioned support of the Menarini Foundation. The meeting faculty included international experts and over 200 physicians from South America attended its works (programme here). The details on this meeting including the scientific contents can be found here.

Further updates on HIGHCARE-LAPS project will follow soon.