HIGHCARE project – alive and kicking

Although some time has passed since the last post, the HIGHCARE activities have by no means ceased. Here is an update of the major events:

–  new publications from HIGHCARE projects are available (see “Publications” section) including the main results of HIGHCARE-Himalaya published in the European Heart Journal, followed by an official press release of the European Society of Cardiology (see here)

– HIGHCARE-ANDES Highlanders data have been presented for the first time at the International Society of Mountain Medicine 2014 congress in Bolzano (see congress abstracts on page A-249)

– In summer 2014 two new HIGHCARE studies started:

HIGHCARE Mont Blanc – where we study the workers building the new cable car from Courmayeur to Punta Helbronner (3,452 m) on the Italian side of the Mount Blanc massif (see www.nuovefuniviemontebianco.com)

HIGHCARE-Sestriere – a study of physiological responses in about 60 healthy volunteers acutely exposed to an altitude of 2,035 m in Sestriere (www.comune.sestriere.to.it)

–  a book summarizing the results of HIGHCARE studies to date is about to be published (“HIGHCARE projects: 11 years of high altitude research” by Gianfranco Parati, Andrea Giuliano, Grzegorz Bilo, Camilla Torlasco)

–  a cycle of teaching courses for physicians on the basics of high altitude medicine and focusing on HIGHCARE results has been organized in Italy

Best wishes of a Happy New Year 2015 to all visitors of HIGHCARE website !